ArtPulse offers an artistic VR sandbox to play and express your creativity.

Spawn and combine shapes, colors, and freehand painting to sync them seamlessly into the background music. You don’t need to be an experienced artist or musician to make cool stuff, but you can just create and let the game elevate it!

Each shape and color emits a different sound, which will sync with the background song that the player chooses. Having no rules allows you to do whatever you want to. Fly around spawning shapes or create a tree in the colors of a rainbow!


Six base songs (for now!) to create a soundscape on

Free flying movement.

A color wheel to select different tunes.

Customizable cinematic, time-limited or endless modes.

In develop­ment

More base songs.

Submit your own music to be included in ArtPulse.

Customization possibilities.

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