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Has multi-national team and experienced in VR technology.

Has the capability to release VR games to PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest and PC VR(including all headsets), all from a single Unity3D branch.

Has one the largest VR development & marketing teams in Finland


VR Publishing

  • Platform Submission
  • Porting
  • Platform Management
  • Sales Development
  • Revenue Management
  • Quality Assurance

VR Development

  • Asset Creation
  • VR Development
  • VR Prototyping
  • VR Game Analytics
  • Platform Expertise

VR Marketing

  • Community Management
  • VR Game Influencer Marketing
  • In-Game Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Market / Competitor Research
  • Game Marketing Analytics

Our team

Jaakko Asikainen


A Nerd lord with coffee addiction whose passion resides in game development. I’m also keen on scifi and fantasy worlds, music, science and podcasts. I know it’s the same as the guy below, but what can you do.

Juho Paaso-Rantala
Art Lead

A Swiss Army utility knife of graphical design. I design and implement everything – from visual artwork and logo design to 3D modelling. I create and play video games, as well as enjoy good movies and literature.

Eetu Mikkola
Sound designer

Audio fx producer and composer. Mixes gigs on the weekends. Has played video games since getting a Commodore 64 in the 80’s. Hoarder of synthesizers. Always listening to music.

Jan Julin
VR Developer

Energy drink-holic and enthusiastic puzzle solver. I love to make fast prototype products to any gaming platform anywhere from mobile to virtual reality. Currently working on virtual reality games and gamification. In my free time I love to solve physical and logical puzzles and learn new impractical talents.

Begüm Doğan
Marketing Manager


Marketing Witch a.k.a Mother of Kiwis; who is also coffee addicted just like the most of the team. She interests with VR Marketing, music, cats and occultism. She doesn’t like sun and works in a dark room with candle light.

Susana P. Markinez
Audiovisual Producer


Audiovisual producer. Videogames lover, always carrying a camera, a console and a bunch of cables in the bag.

Justus Pousi
VR Developer


A Nerd lord with coffee addiction whose passion resides in game development. I’m also keen on scifi and fantasy worlds, music, science and podcasts. I know it’s the same as the guy above, but what can you do?

Jussi Pylkäs
Graphic artist

2D & concept artist with a passion for both consuming and creating games and comics. I also dabble in world-building and script writing.

Jani Kaipainen
Head of Publishing


I’m relatively nerdy guy who concentrates their thoughts on the profitability of different projects. To me the importance lies within the success of the collaboration between us and our partners. Let’s focus on building that good old win-win situation! My free-time activities include ball games, virtual reality worlds and cyclocross.

Joona Raappana
VFX developer

Former programmer who turned to the world of VFX and shaders. A chronic overthinker and theorycrafter who loves to take new challenges head on for better or for worse. Also love to crack jokes for a few smiles, oh and the guy whose voice you will most likely hear in the hallways of the office.

Juha-Matti Suomaa
Technical artist

Abuser of polygons and avid learner, who always seeks for best workflow to create great art as fast as possible. Currently producing 3D and audio for VR projects. In my free time I mostly like to start new cool 3D projects never finishing them, but I also really enjoy experiencing great stories in different mediums.

MeKiwi Oy

Njetwork Inn
Isokatu 56
90100 OULU

VRkiwi is a trademark owned by MeKiwi Oy

MeKiwi Oy

Njetwork Inn
Isokatu 56
90100 OULU

VRkiwi is a trademark owned by MeKiwi Oy

This week our guest writer is Justus, our code guru and shader wizard. Take it away Justus!

Why bother making cool shaders? Why don’t you just go crazy with post-processing like everyone else?

Because we can’t. With Cave Digger 2 our first target platform is Oculus Quest. Quest is a standalone mobile device, and as such, it uses a rendering type called Tiled Rendering, which is really efficient for most rendering, but causes full screen effects like post-processing to be really slow. These effects will add significant fill-rate overhead and should almost always be avoided. Find out more about how Quest does Tiled Rendering here.

So in order to make fancy looking effects like custom fog, color grading or bloom, while maintaining stable 72 fps on Oculus Quest, we have to make the effects with shaders and particle effects.

But shaders are hard to make 🙁


It’s true that writing shaders can be annoying even if you’re an experience programmer. Cg/HLSL syntax is different from most programming languages. However there is a easier way. The trick is to use a node based editor like Amplify Shader or Shader Graph. You can find plenty of helpful guides and tutorials online. Also Amplify Shader has lots of good example shaders for you to learn from. This allows you to make shaders much faster, however the catch is that the shaders might not be as optimized as they would be if programmed by an experienced graphics programmer

Amplify Shader view of CD2 Gem shader. Cel Shaded lighting and Custom Fog are is done in a custom functions, which makes them more easy to reuse.

So what does it do?

*Slaps the roof of Cave Digger 2 Lit shader*

This bad boy has a custom fog that uses a cubemap for color. It uses a cell shaded lighting that’s similar to Breath of the Wild. It can do triplanar texturing and stochastic texturing.

Also we have a custom Gem Shader for making those loots look shiny and tasty.


How to make it work

To handle controlling the shader settings I created a scriptable object called Atmosphere and also created Atmosphere Manager to manage them

A scriptable object helps to quickly make different atmospheres for different areas. It currently controls the ambient lighting color and fog density.