Cave Digger 2:
"Dig Harder"

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is a multiplayer VR game, developed and published by VRKiwi.  It’s A VR adventure game taking place in an alternative, weird west dieselpunk world.

Gather your party up to 4 players, to create a hard-working team of miners! Discover the lost pages of a comic book, which follow the story of Clayton Lee Jackson III, a legendary adventurer who arrived in the New Frontier before you. You are a penniless but adventurous prospector in the wild northern region known only as “The New Frontier”. As you excavate the mountains of your claim, you encounter many mysteries along the way as you mine and fight your way through various unique biomes.

  • Early access release on Steam: Sep 14, 2021
  • Early access release on Oculus SideQuest & App Lab: March 17, 2022
  • Full release 2022 Q3
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The story

Discover the lost pages of a comic book, which follow the story of Clayton Lee Jackson III, a legendary adventurer who arrived to The New Frontier before you.

Multiplayer VR game experience

Gather your party up to 4 players, to create a hard-working team of miners! What kind of a role will each of you have in your mission is totally up to you as long as everybody is doing their best!

Tools and progression

Choose the right tools for the job from a collection of mining equipment on the surface. Exchange your loot for money to upgrade your gear. The upgrades will make your tools more effective, for both work and combat.

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Press Kit

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder!

The player is a prospector who begins their adventure in a seemingly abandoned camp with a goal to extract valuables from the caves, to trade them for new tools, upgrades, and locations in order to advance their frontier exploration. To unveil the secrets of the Valley, the player follows the breadcrumbs left by a previous explorer known only as Clayton. The story has multiple endings, each revealing a different side of it.


Tools and progression

Gear up with the tools you like and explore the ever-shifting caves ahead. Exchange your loot for money to buy equipment. With new gadgets and upgrades, you’ll be ready to go to new locations and dig deeper into the mountains than any adventurer before. Or at least that’s what the Merchant Trading Company would tell when selling you their gear… But beware! You’re not alone. It’s also good to keep a six-shooter close just in case.


You can gather a party of up to 4 players. Your role in the excavation team is totally up to you! As long as everybody is pulling more than their weight in gold back to the surface, you’ll get paid handsomely in official Merchant Dollars issued by the Merchant Trading Company (not recognized as legal tender outside of the Merchant Trading Company). Co-op supports crossplay public matchmaking and private group invitations. The player customization options range from clothes to faces to hats.

The story

The frontier has its mysteries and it hides them well. Follow in the footsteps of the treasure hunter Clayton and discover the strange history of the Valley and the caves below. Explore old mines, nautical caves, ruins of an ancient civilization and find the pages to a tale of greed, eldritch power and secrets beyond space & time. Who the mysterious Clayton was and what he did in the Valley becomes clear in the end, but is it really the end?

The story of Clayton’s exploration of the Valley is told in comic book form inside the game. Cave Digger 2 has also many hidden endings, each showing a new side to the story.


  • Discoveries, dangers, and digging
  • Mine your way onwards with a faithful pickaxe, good old dynamite or a high-tech hammer
  • Procedurally generated partially destructible cave networks
  • Grab the sparkling revolver and the gold-pan-turned-to-a-shield when you have to protect yourself. TNT works fine too, just mind your team members if you aren’t lone wolfing!
  • Additional gadgets for utility
  • Tools, weapons, and gadgets evolve through upgrades
  • Collectable comic book Clayton – The Greed reveals the history of the Valley throughout the player’s journey
  • Multiple discoverable narratives built into the game as ending goals, each revealing a different angle to the story
  • 1-4 player crossplay co-op of private groups or public matchmaking
  • Player avatar customization with dozens of things from clothes to faces to hats

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 500 MB available space





About VRKiwi:

Founded 2014
Team size 14


Early Access release date: 14 Sept 2021


VR, adventure, action, coop






Early Access price: 9,99€

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