The VR game Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder, releases on Steam Early Access on September 14 for the launch price of $9.99. Cave Digger 2 is a VR adventure game supporting co-op multiplayer. The game is an adventure story, taking place in an alternative, weird west dieselpunk world, where the player follows in the footsteps of the main non-playable character known as Clayton, another adventurer who has gone missing in the wild northern region known as The New Frontier. The game is being developed and published by one of the largest Finnish VR game publishers, VRKiwi.

The player starts from a little camp and the goal is to develop exploration efforts by extracting valuable materials from wilderness to invest in tool, weapon and camp upgrades. The player will encounter many mysteries along the way as they scout and fight their way through the valleys of The New Frontier, which guards its secrets well.

Like the 2018 released first Cave Digger game, Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is focused on mining and exploring caves. However, the second game in the series seeks to build on what the first Cave Digger started and brings many new features and more content for the players to enjoy.

Cave Digger 2 features on Steam Early Access launch

Explore and excavate to find valuable materials to get cash
Mining in procedurally generated levels – each time player enters a mine its layout is randomly generated
Tool, weapon and camp upgrades – invest in unlockables to progress through the game story
Up to 4 player co-op – designed as a single-player game first and foremost, but you can now take your friends with you!
Avatar customization – choose your appearance from a selection of faces, hairs, clothes and hats!

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder on Steam (

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Cave Digger 2 Discord Community

“Are you ready to begin your journey? You got your pickaxe, a mine pit, and remnants of the camp left by an adventurer who mysteriously disappeared before you. Take charge of the vacant camp, develop your expedition deeper and deeper into the New Frontier, and find what secrets it holds”, comments VRKiwi’s Marketing Director, Begum Dogan.

“We strive to bring gamers a unique high-quality VR game experience in Cave Digger 2, taking that exploring unknown and mystery discovering feels with tongue-in-cheek made endings that Cave Digger is loved for, and expanding it in many ways from core gameplay to content and graphics.”

“We are doing Cave Digger 2 for Cave Digger fans, and Steam Early Access is a great benchmarking platform for the future full release as we can involve the fans in-game sooner than we could without the Early Access approach.”

“But fans who don’t game on Steam can still get involved with the development during Early Access. In fact, our Discord community that started since the first Cave Digger, have been with the Cave Digger 2 development since its start. Really recommend joining the community on Discord. There is also exclusive material shared frequently and it’s a convenient way to keep an eye on the latest news during Early Access”, concludes Begum Dogan.


Switching gears, there’s another VR game VRKiwi published recently. It’s called VR Pigeons, a super casual VR party game where the player can experience the life of a pigeon! Use the power of VR and absolutely unique movement controls to slip into your pigeon-self! Go out into the world and find a rooftop. Wait for the granny to throw some bread and eat as much bread as possible! BREAD IS LIFE!

VR Pigeons is developed by Italian Maestro Pivetta in collaboration with a German game studio named Studio Seufz. The game is available on Oculus AppLab. Check out the launch trailer on the Oculus page: VR Pigeons on Oculus Quest.