So CD2 EA is out and it’s a success. This entry is me (director) and AMP (designer) interviewing each other. Pictures are from the release party.



Jaakko: AMP, what did you expect when this thing was starting out?


AMP: Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve seen a ton of projects and seen a ton of projects gone wrong. The fact that the team had published a game before induced some optimism I suppose. But honestly I just tried to put aside my potential doubt and cynicism and immerse myself in the project.


AMP: Jaakko, I wasn’t part of the first game’s development team. What did you expect from me, your new designer?


Jaakko: Honestly, I’d never worked with an experienced designer before, as I ended up designing most of Cave Digger 1. You had been recommended by someone who has my utmost respect, Jussi Autio of Resistance Games, so my expectations were pretty high. And aside from your silly opinions about the fire mechanic we will be protoing soon, my expectations were met and surpassed. It’s been a pleasure seeing a real professional at work. You have been an essential member and brought much needed professionalism to my ramshackle operation. 




AMP: Oh stop it, I’m blushing, let’s move on to the next question.


Jaakko: So the early access of Cave Digger 2. What’s your feel about the reception of the game?


AMP: First of all, we live in an amazing time, for this particular thing at least – otherwise this timeline is shit. But the fact that you published the game on Tuesday and on Thursday I was watching gameplay videos of people playing and getting direct feedback from the community is pretty amazing. And yeah, the reception has been overall good which I’m happy about. Obviously we’ve got a lot of work to do but I think the way we’re using Early Access is the way it should be used. Bring on those comments! I will maybe read them on a Tuesday. Not saying which week.



AMP: Well let’s have some serious questions instead of circle jerking like this. We’ve been working on the game during a massive global pandemic. How has that affected the production of the game?


Jaakko: Well, obviously it’s been a thing on everybody’s mind and the way I’ve been dealing with it is by talking with people and trying to find a solution which makes people feel safe while not hindering our production in a serious way. After all, this is a silly video game and it’s not worth risking anybody’s health for.



Jaakko: Now that everyone is twice vaccinated, it’s a relief going back to some sort of normalcy in the workplace. Remote working has it’s challenges but we’ve pulled through it pretty well.


Jaakko: AMP, game dev is full of compromises. What is the compromise that has disappointed you the most and also what is the thing you’re most proud of in Cave Digger 2?


AMP: Boy, that is a hard question. I’m usually pretty good at compromises as I tend to think about the project instead of my personal opinions. But cutting stuff is always hard – we’ve had to cut a large segment of the game because it’s not feasible in the time we had.



AMP: As for favourites, I quite like the character of Clayton and I think Jason’s voice really brings him to life. I’m looking forward to writing more voice lines and comments for him.


AMP: Ok, let’s have a silly question: what’s your favourite tool? I know you’re a tool guy and like lots of tools. 


Jaakko: My favourite tool is the telescope and the regulator – oh you mean in the game? I quite enjoy the sledgehammer. There’s something visceral in the two handed destruction it brings.



Jaakko: AMP, any secrets you can reveal? 


AMP: Hmm. Well, I guess it’s not public knowledge yet that the Valley is home to another race of beings… A race so ancient and scaly, so strange and bug eyed that it’ll wrench your mind to see their terrible form! This secret will be revealed to you later this year, near the solstice, when the dark skies are filled with silent screams of the damned and…


Jaakko: You mean the Christmas Update?


AMP: Yes.


Random development quote: “Ei sitä tarvi testata, se on paska“.