Here we go again, again. Time to raise our game to the next level or drop permanently down into the underworld.

Cave Digger 2: Dig harder has now started production and we are gearing up for a war. It’s the biggest VR game production in Finland and the biggest team I’ve led. No pressure though.

So what is Cave Digger 2? Naturally a sequel takes the best points of the first one, refines them while adding some new elements. So yes, it will still be a weird west mining game with quirky indie style. But instead of being a hodge-podge of great but uneven ideas added over time, this time it’ll be one focused experience designed right from the start.

But we’re adding multiplayer. And combat. And free-form digging. And a proper story.

Think about narrowly escaping the mine with your friend while a horde of tentacle beasts are after you. Think about panning for gold while Aurora Borealis is dancing in the night sky. Think about uncovering the mystery of your predecessor and the Valley – what brought you both here?

That is Cave Digger 2.

In this blog I’ll be documenting our struggles and successes, our best moments and the ones where we lose our way. You will also be hearing from other team members from time to time.

And what is the team like? You’ll be introduced to them properly next week, but let me just say I couldn’t imagine a more talented, rugged band of misfits to work with.

Feel free to ask questions and give criticism and feedback. This is going to be an interesting journey. Welcome all and let’s get going, and may all the pantheons smile upon our bold stride!

-Kharan ( Jaakko Asikainen )



Random development quote: “Tää vuori on se nainen jota me mainataan