So about these people. Some I’ve met over 5 years ago and some are much newer acquaintances. One common thing we have is Oulu Game Lab – a now sadly defunct institution founded by Jussi Autio of ResistanceGames.

Myself, I was recovering from a stupidly long stint of corporate droning at Nokia. What a soul destroying grind. I later included a personal fuck you -message to Elop in Cave Digger 1, but I guess I should be thanking that hostile goblin shrew for shutting it all down. It enabled me to start OGL in the Fall 2014 semester.

Oulu Game Lab brought together gamers interested in game development, gave them a way to explore that passion and a chance to create games with like-minded people. It created a culture of PC game development in Oulu and linked together a network of talented devs.

With our OGL team we created Xenocide, the first OGL Steam release. It was just a harmless wave-shooter, but it got into Pelit-magazine. How’s that for dream fulfilment for a countryside boy?

So yeah, OGL was golden. Now it’s gone but the people remain. Next I’ll try to define each and every one of us by just a few lousy sentences.

Justus Pousi – Coder. Known this guy for 6 years and he hasn’t let me down once. Curious, intelligent and sceptical – a good grounding factor. All around great guy, his only flaw is not giving enough credit for himself.

Ari-Matti Piippo – Designer. One of the old guard. Experienced, filled to the brim with trivial and non-trivial knowledge. Hired him by pure instinct and haven’t had any doubts about giving him the reins.

Jan Julin – Coder. A newer acquaintance, but a pure pro at coding. Accepts any challenge thrown at him and always exceeds expectations. A gadget man who mods his Oculus Quest in the search of a perfect device.

Tiina Pyörälä – Modeler. Tiina has been with us through Cave Digger 1 and Winter War. A person of her own who enjoys learning new stuff. She shows much promise.

Juho Paaso-Rantala – Art director. Juho’s imagination and skills at realising it know no bounds. He brings into life what only a few of us can imagine. He guards the art style and keeps it all together.

Eetu Mikkola – Composer. Created the CD1 soundtrack, which included a Morricone pastiche and a sludge metal song. He’s using a balalaika, an accordion and an upright bass for the CD2 theme. Enough said.

Jussi Pylkäs – Concept artist. A big friendly giant with serious drawing skills, one of the easiest going people I know. Draws comics, RPG characters, monsters. Also drew these character portraits.

And finally, that’s me. I think I’m missing a crowbar.

This is the team, my team that will make history in Oulu, Finland.

See you next time.

-Kharan (Jaakko Asikainen)


Random development quote: “We have exciting minging gampelay!”