We’re live and it’s been two years, two god damned years since I started this blog. I couldn’t keep the pace quite on a weekly basis, even with a little help from my friends, but who cares – I hope it’s been an enlightment on indie game dev all the same. Yesterday we had a launch party and I nominated myself as the principal photographer.


Photogenic AMP and Jammu pointing at code


Tiina trying to behave as Jussi


Looking back, did I know what I was leading us into? I knew I had the best team I could imagine with me, from my true and tried coders to the artists whose passion and skill I’ve envied all along. The designer proved himself without effort, as I knew he would.


On an instictual level I knew that the scope was challenging – not impossible but hard. Had I known corona was coming or that multiplayer would take half of our coding resources, would I have done the same decisions? I guess so, even though I originally battled nail and tooth against MP. Now we have done a triple cross-platform release on Steam, Quest and PSVR – first one by us. The technicalities themselves are a miracle. There are bugs I know, but we will keep hacking at them even as we add more content. There are more endings and more Chompys coming.


Team pic with a few dudes missing


The artistic AD


Deep down I knew this would be my best and maybe last game, not an instant success but an indie oddity which would be played and wondered at for years and years to come – a mark in gaming culture. Cave Digger 2 is me and my peoples gathering together to say a thing. It is a thing of fantasy and wonder.

It is Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder. Thanks for playing, rookie.


-Kharan (Jaakko Asikainen),

signing off


Random development quote: “Hannes syö sammakoita ja meikällä viiraa päästä.


Got the greatest present from Jussi Autio (left) of Resistance Games, the man whose inspiration led me to game development


Justus guruing


Jason Claytoning it up
Our newest recruit Niko learning the proper coding posture
Jussi, behaving as Jussi