Hey everybody, it’s AMP again! Everyone else is incredibly busy right now, preparing for the launch date with intense urgency, so it falls to me to keep up the communications to the outside world.

It has been a busy summer. The office moved, and we’ve only now managed to settle down in the new premises, more or less. There’s still cardboard in the corridors, feral furniture wandering the halls. But most of us have our desks set up, and are settling into a new rhythm of standing desks and coffee cups. Which is good, since there are big things looming in the near horizon! 



The major change coming up is of course the launch of Cave Digger 2. Our little monster is growing up fast: most of the muscles and organs are there already, but we still need to check some of the stitching and joints. It’s a good time to be me though, as my work is more or less done now: things have been designed, it’s all off my desk. Even the level design polish is winding down at this point, although I expect I’ll have to do one more round of prop clean up later. 


We already know that some elements and minor features will need to be added in content patches after the launch. This is unfortunate, but unsurprising. There is always a certain tightness at launch, and unexpected bugs require immediate squashing more than the game needs a golden toilet (here I jest, but not by much). Everyone at the office is working hard to guarantee a smooth launch experience for our players and fans.



The other major thing looming ahead is the next project. Now that is something that falls squarely on my shoulders at this point. We have some elements set, and are starting to whittle down a pretty decent idea about what it will entail. This is more or less the most critical stage on a project timeline from a game design perspective. In an ideal world, the game designer has a clear vision, or at least a mirage, of what a new project should include and how all the parts move and dance together. They should have this in their mind’s eye, if only to explain and discuss it with others to make it clearer, and cut out the obvious dross early on. This vision made into words of course makes it possible for us to look for funding and support for the project, and acts as a basis for all the rest of the pre-production efforts. 


It’s still too early to reveal much about our next project, but if you’ve followed our social media presence over the last half year you may be able to find some hints and leaks here and there. As soon as we have something more solid to say about it we’ll definitely make some reveals, but until then, all eyes are on Cave Digger 2.

Lightning is about to strike the rod. The monstrous body is prepared.


Soon, it will BE LIVE!





Random development quote: “Jos syön pullaa niin siitä tulee muruja. Rapatessa roiskuu.