The title reveals it all! It also happens to be an in-game reference to Clayton’s favorite entertainment magazine. I’m sure most already are aware and/or dismayed about my affection for a certain sentient treasure chest. My earlier post about Chompy is here  ( In this one I will talk about her role in Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder. In the live Early Access version she exists as Business Chompy – a capitalist lackey who instead of selling her lacquered, sweet smelling trunk has sold her soul to MTC (the megacorporation handling all the mining operations in the Frontier). She rewards the player for a completed errand by puking a crapload of coins at you.



It’s a very limited and non-interactive implementation for Chompy for sure. BUT! We have already expanded her into the healer and warrior roles in the beta. Hear me out.


I’d like you to meet Sister Chompy! She is a servant of the outer gods dressed in wood-tight latex, appearing when the situation is the most dire. She serves the player a potent healing tonic and some sweet tender love.



As you can see, we’ve gone all-in with the animation and the Chompy of CD2 is a far cry from the static box in CD1. Tiina has done some of her best work ever bringing Chompy to life, allowing her a much greater range of emotion and expression. Check out this entry for more on her work ( .


Also the design and appearances of Chompy are now narrative driven. Frontier Chompy is the mother of all gunslingers, appearing when the player is in desperate need of reinforcements. She has the firepower to bring the whole cave down and doesn’t afraid of anything. Look forward to some awesome fire fights, with her accompanying you!



I could also tell you of her other roles – as Hellraiser Chompy, an unkillable enemy in the style of Nightmare in the game Prey, or as Agitator Chompy, the leftist protest-song-singing, sign-waving anarchist, or as Gravedigger Chompy, the inhumer and the exhumer of all things secret.


I could – but then they’d have to kill me.


-Kharan (Jaakko Asikainen), signing off for the holidays


Random development quote: “joku sanoi että kuulostaa Yann Thierseniltä ja sitten tuli tappelu.