That was the name of the “minor” update we released recently. We added a crapload of new stuff, including new riddles, atmospheres, errands and comics. Also we re-designed the Thieving Chameleon – now the little bastard steals directly from the player’s backpack. This might be the last update until the full release, as we are getting close.


The thing about releasing updates mid-development is that it takes lots of resources away from the main development – every update (minor and major) takes surprising amounts of testing and bug fixing. 



When we branch off our develop-branch in order to start polishing a release (or in another way, stop merging feature branches back to develop), we do daily beta builds for internal testing. Then we keep on fixing stuff until the release is on a satisfactory level, without bringing in potential regression from features we aren’t releasing yet.


Even then, we’ve had to release a hotfix or two.



It’s always nice to bring new stuff for our players during Early Access, but on the other hand it would be easier to aim for the final, full release. It’s a balancing act for sure.


Currently we’re re-doing some of the mechanics that neither us or the players have been content with – the shovel, the gold pan and the fungi shrimp. The shovel has a grappling hook, panning times have been shortened (also it can be used as a shield) and the fungi shrimp is a nasty critter which attaches to your body and starts sucking out your precious blood.


Nowadays we have health potions! You can find them at the end of the levels, if our RNGeesus happens to favor you. Another newer update is a playable radio, which we cribbed from Rogue Legacy. If you happen to find the radio, you can play back a random song from our OST.



Anyway, that’s enough rambling for now. I’ll end this blog entry by telling you that there’s something mysterious and cool starting next Monday. Be on your guard in our Discord!


-Kharan (Jaakko Asikainen)


Random development quote: “Vois olla paras jos grabbaa yhdellä kädellä varresta.