Cave Digger is currently at Top 2 position in Quest Top Seller’s list and rising:

This warms my grizzled cold heart more than the 30 degrees Celcius weather we are currently experiencing.

You know, I never thought of this as more than a temporary gig. Try my hand on VR, get the game making bug out of my system and then do something sensible, like going around the world diving with the rest of them sharks and shoot the rest of them Messiers.

It didn’t work out that way did it.

I’m still here and Cave Digger turned out to be something bigger than any one of us (including I) thought. It is a creeping realization that what we’re doing is already Finnish gaming history.

This is a stupid Cinderella story, which I don’t believe in. One hundred thousand players have bought and played my game. It was the first one I and the best dev team ever did and it’s the biggest VR success from Finland.

I’m Jaakko Asikainen and what you’re about to see next is Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder.

Random development quote: “Oisko joku frontaali kuva isotissisestä chompystä (joojoo) ja sit toinen jossa se pyllistää viekoittelevasti“.