VR games publisher VRKiwi announced that Time Patrol releases on Steam on February 10. Time Patrol is an arcadelike VR shooter consisting of rounds of different shooting challenges. The rounds are short-timed, lasting up to less than a minute, which is perfect for a party game setting. They put one’s shooting speed, precision, target identifying, and ammo conservation abilities to a good test for a player of any level. The challenges take place in various eras of human history, from medieval to modern-day.

Time Patrol on Steam

Shooting challenges for every skill level:

Travel back in time with the Time Patrols, and prove your aptitude by completing demanding missions at various moments in the past and the present. The time machine will take you to places where only the ones with a sharp eye and swift hands can succeed. Now it’s up to you and your trusty sidearm to save the day!

Four timelines:

Blast and fire your way through a total of 40 unique levels and challenges in four different timelines and fight your way up the highscore ladders in this fast-paced game.

Hot seat mode:

Challenge your friends to compete in a local hot-seat mode. Who’s the most accurate shooter? Who is the fastest gunslinger? Who will prevail?

Time Patrol Full Release Trailer

Time Patrol on Discord

About VRKiwi

We are the largest VR game publisher in Finland. Our first game Cave Digger VR was released on Steam in 2018, followed by expansions and many other platform versions. Since then, we have released VR games named ArtPulse, Crystal Raiders, VR Pigeons, Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder, and Time Patrol as the latest game. More about VRKiwi on VRKiwi | Indie VR Game Publisher & Development Studio. Thank you for your interest and happy gaming, GG!