The sequel to one of the best-selling VR games (Cave Digger), Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder (Early Access) will be released on Oculus and SideQuest on 17th of March with the largest content update yet in its Steam Early Access history. The update named “Escape from the Valley” will bring a number of upgrades and changes.


Key additions


  • New biome: the player will find their way to the third biome, a dry lake bed on which the player’s base camp is located. Underneath lies the nest biome, introducing new game mechanics, dangers and loot.
  • Escape from the Valley ending: the first ending of many to come. Likewise in the first game of Cave Digger series, the player follows clues in the world to find out this story ending.
  • New enemies: two new enemy variants will be added. These baddies are the inhabitants of the nest biome and they are stronger than anything in the game so far.
  • Tool upgrades: all of the tools are getting upgrades, from rather explosive damage-dealing changes to more efficient loot collecting mechanics and to paradigm shifts for general mobility.
  • Two new graphic novel issues: the great adventurer Clayton’s story continues in two new thrilling issues, where our in-game narrator/guide will face even tougher challenges than before. The pages of these novels are scattered throughout the world.
  • And a whole mixture of smaller tweaks and QoL improvements.


Dev update clip on YouTube of a visualized summary of Escape from the Valley update:


Additional screenshots, logos, info, etc. can be found from Cave Digger 2 press kit


About VRKiwi

We are the leading VR game publisher in Finland. Our first game Cave Digger was released on Steam in 2018 as a demo, followed by content updates and other platform releases, culminating in a point where it reached the 2nd most sold game on Oculus Store for July 2021. Since Cave Digger, we have released several VR games on various platforms either as publishers or developers. More about us and our games at our website VRKiwi | Indie VR Game Publisher & Development Studio. Thank you for your interest and happy gaming!


About Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is a 1-4 player VR adventure game taking place in an alternative weird west dieselpunk world. The player is a Prospector that starts from a small camp, bent on exploring and excavating valuable resources. This allows funding for many things from tools to structures and travelling to new locations. While the Prospector ventures deeper and deeper into the world, they start to discover that someone or something has already been there, possibly long before they arrived. And that they are essentially on route to track the footsteps of a great adventurer Clayton and the mysteries looming around him. Discord community