VR games publisher VRKiwi announced the action-adventure game Crystal Raiders VR will release out of Steam Early Access on December 10. Since its Early Access release last May to this day, Crystal Raiders VR has received many updates from the Lithuanian development studio Nieko, making the game a more solid experience with lots of hours of content.

New features since Early Access started:

  • Storyline – Find artifact parts from the castle and bring them to Dwarf Jeweler to help him build almighty energy-generating artifact.
  • 8 new levels – A total of 14 handcrafted castle levels with increasing difficulty. 
  • New enemies – Portal Dweller and Stone Golem.
  • All enemies apart from bosses have three levels of toughness each with additional armor and health.
  • New boss – It’s a fiery encounter.
  • New traps – Laser-based traps and gate-based traps.
  • New control options – “Arcade bow” option, smooth turn, and movement options based on head or controller position or mixed.

Also the difficulty of the original levels has been overhauled and the current weapons tweaked to offer a better game balance. With all these changes and additions combined, the game now offers more depth overall with more complex levels and an accompanying story with a goal to be achieved.

Crystal Raiders VR First Boss Highlight Video – The Mace: https://youtu.be/sxCBNjr9lfg

Learn more about the new game features on publisher Steam announcement: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1270380/announcements/detail/3092277647570884988

Crystal Raiders VR Steam page: Crystal Raiders VR on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1270380)

Crystal Raiders VR Discord discord.gg/2DY2s6T

About Crystal Raiders VR

Crystal Raiders VR is an action-adventure game where you explore an ancient castle to find the mystery of the forgotten Wizard Lord. Co-op your way with other players or solo through the many levels of fortifications filled with crystal guardians, traps, and puzzles. Gain experience to upgrade and customize your avatar. All game content is suitable for all ages.

About Nieko (developers)

At Nieko we are a team of nine. We have been working in the field for over 10 years and started to specialize in VR with the first Oculus DK2 Kit. We have in-house programmers, 3D modelers, texture artists, concept artists. We work on our own projects as well as provide services for customers, and sub-contracting for game companies. We also develop virtual reality games: Crystal Raiders VR, and Neolithic. Learn more at Niekoplay.com.

About VRKiwi

We are the largest VR game publisher in Finland. Our first game Cave Digger VR was released on Steam in 2018, followed by expansions and other platform versions. Since then, we have released VR games named ArtPulse (in-house), Crystal Raiders on Steam (as publisher), VR Pigeons on Oculus AppLab (as publisher), and Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder on Steam Early Access as the latest in-house developed game. The out-of-early-access release is planned for 2022, with Oculus Store and PSVR launches alongside Steam.

Even though we are the largest player in our local VR games industry, we still hold on to our indie roots strongly with pride in our daily lives. More about VRKiwi on VRKiwi | Indie VR Game Publisher & Development Studio. Thank you for your interest and happy gaming GGs!