The game publisher VRKiwi revealed the first content update for their mining adventure VR game Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder. The update, titled ‘Grave Digger’, is set to release on October 21st, and will come with a special Halloween content for a limited time along with many new permanent features.

Grave Digger update features
– Clayton’s mystery storyline begins!
– Boss challenges and daily errands
– Physics and fire mechanics – jump, climb, burn it down!
– Public matchmaking for co-op
– New tools – gold pan and shovel
– More valuables, clothes and hats

In the past in various channels, the devs have hinted of an upcoming storyline known as Clayton mystery. This update will introduce players to that. In the game lore, Clayton is a legendary adventurer who arrived at the weird west dieselpunk world called New Frontier before the player character. The storyline is set to continue towards its climax as the game gets updated towards the full release.

The game was released on Steam Early Access last September.