What ho! Things have been kind of hectic recently with the search for our new office and preparing for the full release of Cave Digger 2.


For the last 4 years we’ve been living in a networking community for small companies and suffice to say, we outgrew the environment almost the same 3 years ago – currently the whole of MeKiwi and VrKiwi occupy a third of the whole community area. Our new place is at the very center of Oulu, on the fifth floor of a tall rise (well, tall being a very relative term locally). The place is being renovated and furnished currently but we should be able to move our collective butts there during June. Exciting times!



On the dev side, we’re currently digging deep in the trenches of PSVR as we aim to release the game on all three platforms at the same time. Going through Sony’s TRC testing and implementing PSVR multiplayer is taking lots of time from Jammu and Justus.  Lately we released another bugfix patch on Steam and AppLab and are aiming to release a content patch in a few weeks which will bring more of everything – relics, riddles, comics and errands. 


Our latest patch also had a nice new feature – subtitles. Should help those who are hard of hearing and of course non-native english speakers. Talking of Clayton – Ari-Matti the Designer completed writing the next batch of voice lines, which will carry us to the final release. In total we’ve got 230 lines, which is an insane amount. The actor Jason Brower has done an excellent job with the acting and capturing the soul and spirit of Clayton.



So after the PSVR stuff, it’s all about preparing for the full release, implementing the final ending and bug fix and polish. It’s a bittersweet thought that all this will be over soon: working on my magnum opus and working with the best, most talented people I’ve ever met. On the other hand, the sign of the finishing line is a relief since we’ve been doing this for a year and a half already. All things come to an end.


Not quite yet though. Not yet.


-Kharan (Jaakko Asikainen)


Ps. Check out the CD2 Soundtrack! It’s got kick ass songs and we are releasing more periodically.  


Random development quote: “Nytkin syön kahta eri juustoa kekseillä ja juon koria kaljaa. Hedonismista en tingi perjantaisin! HAIL SLAANESH“.