Hey everybody, it’s your friendly neighbourhood game designer again. I’ve poked my head out of the caves of our final biome to tell you about something new and exciting we’ve been working on this winter…


We’ve started a podcast! 



In a way, this experiment is a direct result of the devblog. A quite a few posts ago, we did a blog post as a dialogue between me and Jaakko, and enjoyed the format so much that we figured that you guys might enjoy it as well. So we picked up a few mics from the marketing department, set up shop in Jaakko’s kitchen, and started rambling! There’s a link to the first episode at the end of this post, but I figured I’d also open up our “process” (such as it is).



First of all, we decided that we’d start simple. Just two mics for two guys talking, no video feed or anything more fiddly. We figured that learning the craft should start with the very basics, before we add guests or visual flourishes. And it was a good call, since even this simple setup turned out to be a little too challenging for our inexperience: one segment ended up completely corrupted. It was a good one too, we chatted about our tabletop roleplaying game experiences, which of course is a topic very close to my heart. We might return to the discussion eventually, but for now, that’s a good 20 minutes that ended up on the cutting room floor. 


Second, based on the first episode, I’ll need to make a tighter script for notes for next time. We both like to talk, and that’s all well and good, but it also means that we tend to get sidetracked and ramble on about things rather easily. I had a page of notes, including a simple structure we followed, but the system could do with a bit of condensation and tightening.


Our current process is basically structured so that me and Jaakko produce the content, and then bounce it over to the marketing side, who take the raw ore of inspiration and forge it into a solid ingot for your listening pleasure. At least so far the system seems to work, as we both get to work pretty independently on what we want to discuss, but also receive useful feedback from our colleagues.


Personally, I’m pretty stoked about this little project, as I’ve been a podcast addict for years. I tend to have something running in my headphones pretty much 24/7, so seeing the process from the inside is quite fun. I’ve thought about producing some sort of podcast content for some of my side projects before, so learning the ropes is definitely cool for me. And in addition to a great face for radio, I hear that I have an enjoyable voice as well, which is nice.

So, go have a listen through this link!





Random development quote: “Sinne pitäis tehdä sellasia jonneledejä“.