So the gods of weather are blessing us with a beautiful June. Usually it’s 15 degrees Celsius and raining most of the time in June, but now we took the opportunity to get out of the office, have a few beers and celebrate Cave Digger crossing one million in revenue.


I gave everyone a chance to talk freely, which resulted in some interesting discussions, which I am including in this blog,


So let’s talk about the story of CD2.


Harri, why do you want to know about the story?

Harri: Because I’m a sensitive person and I’m interested in such things.


What about trying to stay ignorant of the story, if you’d like to experience it yourself?

Tiina: I know Clayton and nothing else. I know there’s going to be a comic.

Justus: I don’t think it’s possible for devs to stay clear of the story. Also about the world building, my Lord and Saviour Brandon Sanderson advices that you should only reveal the tip of the iceberg and only hint about the rest.

Juho: Knights of the Old Republic is my favourite game narrative of all time. In VR Moss has some nice narrative, even though it’s mostly about the story telling style instead of the story.

What would you like to add to Cave Digger 2?

Jussi: Would be nice to have elemental ammo.


Jammu: I’d like to add some more physics, like using physics with reloading the revolver. It would work by moving it around but also you could use another tool to push back the revolver’s cylinder. Also I would add more physics generally.


miniJuho: Jammu how about fixing the prop sync in MP first?


Jammu: Look son I’ll ban you soon, code it yourself for fuck’s sake!


Justus: How about we add swimming so the player floats and has to use swimming motions to move? Also I would reduce the loot amount even further and make it more valuable.


Harri: I don’t want nothing more, since I’m already included in the game as the spam can guy.

Begum: I want more humor, let’s retain the best parts and the silly jokes from CD1.

Riikka: I want more shrimpys and I want to tame the shrimpys and I want to pet the shrimpys!!!

Tiina: More mascots, pets. Maybe some potions to cause silly temporary effects.


After this conversation my scribblings turned increasingly incoherent, so I’ll end this entry by showing us in our natural habitat. 


Next week Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder in Steam Next Fest! Go try it out!


-Kharan (Jaakko Asikainen)