At every game development there comes a point where some kind of development or cheat menu is needed. Cheats and/or development tools makes testing a lot easier and makes the bug reporting process a lot easier, which usually takes a huge chunk of development time.


Since our game’s style is super dynamic, and a ton of objects are instantiated in runtime, spawning tools/loots/enemies/other is necessary. Thankfully we have already refactored our core spawning scripts, so implementing an object spawning was an easy task.



The Options panel is pretty basic for now. It includes basic options like godmode (no damage is taken), noclip (go through walls) and flying. These are essential, so that we can start to polish all of our rooms and really inspect all the levels thoroughly.

One of the biggest things we wanted to implement was JIRA integration. When developing a virtual reality game, making bug tickets is really cumbersome, and because of that, pretty much nobody had the energy to make bug tickets.

Thankfully Unity Asset store is again here to help with “EasyJira” asset. Unfortunately asset was a bit buggy with our version of Unity, but we managed to get it work with slight modifications. Players can assign a title, description and priority to the ticket that will be made in VR. We added a dropdown menu to specify if the problem is General, or in the Room. This adds some additional data automatically to the ticket, so it will be easy to assign to a developer. “Room” specification adds a room name in the front of the ticket and “General” adds build number and the platform.




Future will tell how our developers adopt this new bug reporting tool.



Random development quote: “Se lodgautuu koko ajan syvemmälle ja syvemmälle sinne anukseen.