Thanks Jammu! Let’s give you a breather before the next Multiplayer blog.


Let me tell you about what’s been happening with Cave Digger 2.


First of all, we got our continuous integration working. This has already made some of our lives easier – no need to do manual builds in Unity3D and upload them to separate dashboards. When a commit is made, a webhook goes out to our nice and shiny Jenkins server. If the commit is marked with a “Build” tag, the Jenkins builds are automatically deployed to both Oculus and Steam test channels.



Since I got started on the technical side, let’s talk branching strategies. Basically we’ve got Master and Develop branches and then Art for the artists and the level designer. The assumption is that nothing goes directly into Master or Develop.


Our coders work with feature branches (like the current, aptly named origin/feature/CD2-54_Implement_elevator), which after completion are merged into Develop. Our 3D modelers work in their own test scenes in the Art branch, which is merged into Develop when something interesting happens (like a new tool is completed). Develop is also periodically merged into Art and vice versa so that all the parties are kept up to date.


OK enough about the technical stuff! Let’s see some new goodies.



We’ve got the Thunder Gun in the game! It already feels bad ass to shoot. And of course you can light the torches with it, as demonstrated here by Justus:



Trying out some hand made lighting:



Jammu getting the elevator crank to work:



That’s it this time! See you next week.

-Kharan (Jaakko Asikainen)


Random development quote: “Tänään mää heräsin petauspatjan alta.