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36. How to Market a VR Game? Episode 2: Step by step to Steam Early Access

Hello mortals! Your favorite Marketing Witch is back & and I have lotta say!🧙‍♀️

In this episode, you’ll take a peek at how we are preparing for Cave Digger 2- Dig Harder’s Early Access, one of the most important events of our Marketing Roadmap we discussed in the previous episode. Also, you will find a checklist based on my experience and suggestions about marketing materials.

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25. How to Market a VR Game? Episode 1: Planning the plan

Hello mortals! This is me, Begüm. Your fellow Marketing Witch of Cave Digger & VRKiwi.

I wanted to steal you from the developers for a while and show you what’s cooking on Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder’s marketing cauldron. I hope you find some useful tips in this article about how to market your VR game, so grab your favorite drink, and let’s begin☕

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3. Narrative Design

Hey guys, I’m Ari-Matti, the game designer for Cave Digger 2. I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you all on this blog sometimes, just to give Jaakko some time to focus on other stuff. Today I’ve got something to say about stories and games.

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2. You must gather your party before venturing forth

So about these people. Some I’ve met over 5 years ago and some are much newer acquaintances. One common thing we have is Oulu Game Lab – a now sadly defunct institution founded by Jussi Autio of ResistanceGames.

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It begins – CAVE DIGGER 2

Here we go again, again. Time to raise our game to the next level or drop permanently down into the underworld.

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“It seems The New Frontier guards its secrets well, and it’s your turn to explore, rookie. Time to blow off the dust on your trusty pickaxe and get down to the mines. Incredible treasures are just waiting around for you to go dig ‘em up, so be sure to make the best use of all the miner’s tools lying around. However, you better look out for those nasty creatures lurking in the dark caves so make sure to carry some firepower with you.”

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